New Models in AI and their implications for creativity and the Artistic Community

Keynote AI Today & Tomorrow

2024-02-09 | 03:45 PM - 04:10 PM | The Ambassadors Theatre


It’s no secret that AI requires extremely large datasets to recognize patterns and create models. But how do you ensure those datasets are diverse, representative, and ethically sourced? And how can we ensure the future creative and economic wellbeing of artists as these new models emerge? In this talk, Shutterstock Senior Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Dr. Alessandra Sala will share insights from curating and leveraging the world’s largest library of creative assets. From using AI to build a taxonomy to power search and the discovery of hundreds of millions of images and videos to training generative AI models to empower the next generation of artists and democratize creativity, the opportunities are endless. Dr. Sala will also speak to the new business models emerging to compensate artists fairly for their contributions and expertise, the tools being developed to educate consumers about AI imagery, and the growing movement for a global code of ethics.