AI on the battlefields: systems' reliability applied to vision

Use Case AI Application

2024-02-09 | 04:35 PM - 05:00 PM | Applications Stage


  • MBDA's aim is to support staff with trusted AI-enabled devices. 
  • In the short term: it will be supporting decision on the battlefield;
  • In the medium term: integration into on-board functional chains at the proper level. 
  • To achieve these goals, MBDA worked with Numalis and BPI through an AI Challenge. 
  • The aim is twofold: demonstrating the operational capabilities of Numalis' formal approaches to underline the robustness of Machine Learning algorithms; and working on the ability to cover and visualize the system's risk coverage in its field of use. 
  • This work has helped to define AI algorithm validation chains in line with developed standards at the international level (with a part supported by Numalis). 
  • The use case will illustrate the approach, the obtained results and how it could be adapted to other sectors also sharing an imperative need for reliable AI systems.