The new Artificial Intelligence era: the strategic role of the Digital Integrator

Keynote AI Today & Tomorrow

2024-02-09 | 10:05 AM - 10:30 AM | The Ambassadors Theatre


Artificial intelligence stands at the forefront of a rapidly expanding domain, reshaping the operational landscape for businesses globally. Projections indicate a staggering $99.94 billion AI market growth worldwide in 2024, with an anticipated overall economic surge of $14 trillion by 2035. As this transformative force permeates diverse industries, business leaders are keen on unravelling the intricacies of its implementation within their organizations.
At its core, artificial intelligence involves programming computers to autonomously make decisions. The breadth and complexity of AI manifest through diverse applications and technologies, weaving a multifaceted tapestry within the technological realm. In this dynamic and intricate landscape, the pivotal role of the digital transformation enabler is undergoing a profound shift.
To harness the potential that automation holds for business, the Lutech objective is to possess the acumen to comprehend its implications and the confidence to seamlessly integrate it into teams and organizations. This transformative role encompasses two key dimensions: orchestrating the design and deployment of infrastructures to facilitate AI's comprehension of data, and crafting reference models that empower artificial intelligence to devise solutions or furnish data as prescribed.
In this visionary context, Lutech strategy is to transcend the mere "construction" engineer to that of a consultant endowed with expertise in business dynamics and scenarios with the proficiency to translating this expertise into a technology stack, from core infrastructures, like high performance computing, to digital applications. Their prowess lies in conceiving novel reference models for services or solutions and adeptly preparing and normalizing data, thereby serving as the foundation from which intelligence derives insights.
Lutech, armed with this comprehensive vision, metamorphoses into a consultant steering its organization towards innovation and sustainability, shaping it into a company poised for the challenges and opportunities of the future leveraging upon industry knowledge and technical expertise and capabilities. Nevertheless, an important boost can come from relationship with universities and other innovation stakeholders, as well from acceleration given by research projects and collaboration with innovative startups creating what we call the Lutech AI ecosystems.