Building the Future of LLMs with Software 2.0

Use Case AI Application

2024-02-09 | 02:00 PM - 02:25 PM | Applications Stage


  • The next generation of software, known as software 2.0, lies in building and shipping differentiated LLMs instead of only traditional software. 
  • Teaching an LLM new knowledge offers a highly effective way to differentiate an LLM with domain knowledge — such as Github Copilot. 
  • In this talk, you’ll hear about enterprises building and deploying differentiated LLMs using Lamini on AMD Instinct™ GPUs and ROCm™ Software. 
  • Lamini is an all-in-one-LLM stack that allows users to develop custom LLMs that take in new information from billions of documents of their choice.
  • Lamini exposes LLMs in easily composable functions, so any software engineering team can rapidly ship differentiated LLMs and write more software 2.0. Lamini has been using AMD Instinct GPUs and ROCm for over a year and has achieved software parity with CUDA and beyond CUDA. Moreover, Lamini is now helping promising AI startups & open-source initiatives building the future of LLMs with access to AMD Instinct GPUs at a highly competitive perf and perf/$.