Leveraging AI for sustainable impact

Keynote AI Strategy

2024-02-08 | 11:40 AM - 12:05 PM | Tech & Strategy Stage


  • What is the role of AI in an enterprise? Is it still in the domain of innovation and experiments, with many projects ending in the early, proof-of-concept stages?
  • For Schneider Electric, a leading global provider of energy management and automation solutions, AI is much more than that — we are embracing AI at scale, as a key enabler of our sustainability strategy. 
  • This ambition is reflected in our organization – our AI Hub & Spoke model is focused on delivering AI at scale, leveraging cutting-edge technology and our unique domain expertise. 
  • In this session, you will discover how we are putting data and AI to work at scale, in order to solve the biggest challenges of our generation: climate change and decarbonization. 
  • You will discover how AI can be used to reduce energy consumption and resulting GHG emissions in buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries. 
  • You will learn how, thanks to AI, sustainable development and business profitability can go hand in hand. 
  • Finally, you will hear how AI is helping remove the barriers to energy deploy energy efficiency solutions at scale, today. After all, sustainability cannot wait.