Re-Inventing Customer Experiences in Physical Spaces

Keynote AI Today & Tomorrow

2024-02-09 | 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM | The Ambassadors Theatre


What is the process of invention at Amazon?
We start with the definition of a customer problem, and work backwards from it to iteratively innovate, test, gather customer feedback, and scale.
I will illustrate this process, and describe the technology powering 2 examples:
Just Walk Out, a frictionless, fast, checkout-free shopping experience, and its evolution from Amazon Go to Just Walk Out as a Service, and expansion to clothing, fan gear, and more.
Amazon One, the fast, contactless, palm-based identity solution to simplify payment and access for consumers, and the enterprise version, newly unveiled at the AWS Re-invent conference, Amazon One Enterprise, which provides a secure, palm-based identity service for access control.