3IA Demos
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3IA Côte d'Azur:
  • ReID: Demonstration of algorithms for objects recognition, supervised and no supervised, from camera’s images with different view angles.
  • Fed-Biomed: Open-source project to reinforce biomedical research using no centralized approaches for statistical analysis and automatic learning.
  • Indago: Understanding communities and subjects of discussion in communication networks thanks to AI.
  • DeepWILD: Detect and classify species from parc national du Mercantour.
  • DISPUTool: Exploring the presidential election debates in the United States using natural language processing algorithms.

  • AI Explainability live demo: Improve Trust in object detection through concept identification  Xplique - CRAFT on a tablet Object classification with Explainability concept identification on a livestream of images.
  • Can we Trust AI and use it for critical applications such as identifying a runway to land an Aircraft? overview of challenges linked to introduction of AI in high risk applications. Presentation of trustworthyAI methods developped by ANITI and demonstration on Landing runway approach detection.
  • How to use AI to build Robust and scalable Planning and scheduling capabilities?  Presentation of real-world planning and scheduling problems with complex constraints and inherent uncertainties. Presentation of planning and scheduling capabilities developped in ANITI and demonstration on planning for Aircraft manufacturing and oncology radiotherapy).
  • AI powered protein design: How to use AI to design new protein for impactful health and environment application.

  • Demo “Learning to track objects and predict the future in video streams” / Guillaume Le Moing
  • Demo “Human in the loop surgery planning in VR” / Robin Cremese