BiPuzzle is a cloud-based Business Intelligence platform specifically designed for decision makers. It allows to:

  • Connect and navigate data sources without having to write a line of code

  • Explore data, share dashboards and insights with team members

  • Choose among a wide range of charts to visualize data and make decisions

  • Personalize the platform with extreme flexibility based on the peculiarities of customer’s business

Teams minimize time spent on repetitive, low value-added tasks through automated alerts and unlimited reports, graphs and reusable dashboards, which can be built through an intuitive interface and shared with members of the organization through a simple and secure link.

BiPuzzle technology

The best Open Source technologies have been implemented to offer customers the perfect business intelligence experience.

Thanks to the power of the Cloud and the flexibility of SaaS, BiPuzzle is available anytime, anywhere and is constantly evolving.

With BiPuzzle any risk of spreading or losing your data is completely eliminated: the platform does not require data transfers but queries company databases directly.

Thanks to BuildNN’s expertise in encryption, strong authentication, and high-performance computing, BiPuzzle is optimized for security and reliability.

Customizable subscription plans

BIPuzzle is an easily scalable solution: it needs no installation, is always up-to-date and is available in monthly or annual subscription plans customizable on customer needs.

Every customer can choose whether to subscribe to one of the standard plans or compose the ideal package for her needs selecting among all the following basic and advanced features:

✔ Unlimited dashboards and charts ⭐ Intelligent automation of alerts and reports

✔ 40+ types of graphical visualizations ⭐ Custom templates

✔ No-code graph generator ⭐ Multi-geographic management

✔ Collaborative SQL editor ⭐ BiPuzzle software management in dedicated cloud

✔ Annotation layers ⭐ Dedicated cache memory for charts and dashboards

✔ Semantic fields ⭐ Accessibility by Authorized Third Parties

✔ Advanced analysis 💎 High Performance Computing for data sources

✔ Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) 💎 Automated Slideset Report Generator

✔ Tutorials and guides 💎 Artificial Intelligence tools