embedded FPGA IP

embedded FPGA IP


embedded FPGA IP

Menta provides embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP for integration into SoC/ ASIC.
Menta is the proven eFPGA pioneer whose design-adaptive 100% third-party standard cells-based architecture and state-of-the-art tool set provides the highest degree of design customization, best-in-class testability, and fastest time-to-volume for SoC design targeting any production node at any foundry.
Menta standard-cell based approach enables engineers to rapidly port the eFPGA to whatever new process geometry/variant they need– Even in industrial and rad-hard grade versions.
In addition, Menta IPs are fully verifiable within customer EDA environment, and are designed to address various markets and applications.

Our differentiators – Design Adaptive

Menta 100% standard cells
  • Support of any technology node, foundry and process option
  • Available as soft IP or hard IP

Area sensitivity
  • Support of any kind of arithmetic blocks (DSPs) and SRAM (i.e. BRAM / LRAM)
  • IP is fully flexible. Specification software available: Origami Designer

ASIC like options
  • Power management features
  • Retention, triplication, etc.

Fully customizable
  • Amount of eLB
  • Amount and provider of eMB
  • Amount and type of eCB: can de developed on purpose / Perform specific arithmetic functions
  • Amount and type of CDSP blocks. Our CDSP blocks are design adaptive.

Our differentiators – SoC Integration

No specific interface. Can connect to any bus, CPU, GPU, SRAM, IOs, etc.
  • The interfaces ARE NOT within the eFPGA IP
High yield and reliability
  • Menta is using DFF instead of SRAM bitcells for bitstream storage
Testability & test cost
  • Standard scan chain DfT with TC & FC> 99.7%
Verification flow
  • From formal verification up to gate level simulation
  • Compatible with any EDA flow

Our differentiators – Usability

Programming software integration within SoC software
  • Full in house development
  • Self contained: no third party tools required
  • Can be provided as an API & rebranded

Not under ITAR restriction and limited export control restrictions

Patents issues free

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