Victoria EDWARDS

Victoria EDWARDS



As a former professional musician, who majored in music analysis, I love the fact that at FIDO Tech we are using acoustics, together with pioneering AI, to solve the global problem of water leakage and NRW.  After an eclectic start to my career – publishing broadcasting, restaurateurship and lecturing in jazz – I moved into big data analytics, managing infield and technical data centres and delivering large complex software and operational projects for major household name clients.  Now, as CEO of FIDO Tech, I lead a truly amazing team of scientists and talented thinkers who are revolutionising leakage detection using AI and open data. Ours is the only technology which identifies leaks by size, so that the most important and largest leaks get prioritised first. Through our partnerships with other leading technology companies we introduced automated scheduling and predictive analytics for water networks. As a disruptive software-as-a-service technology we are completely hardware agnostic, meaning we are levelling the playing field between the larger mature CAPEX-rich water networks and those in smaller developing countries.  This is hugely, personally important to me, as losing up to 60% (in some parts of the world) of expensively treated water through leakage, which vulnerable communities desperately need is just not acceptable. Most human societies have already passed the sustainable limits for abstracting more from their stressed local environments and with climate change, many more communities are staring Day Zero in the face.  It doesn’t need to be that way.

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Panel Discussion AI Application
2023-02-09 | 11:40 - 12:30 | Conference Room Croisette