Carsten KRAUS

Carsten KRAUS



Carsten Kraus is an AI & Data Science Expert, Founder, Business Angel and Multipreneur of several companies. The invention of new algorithms has fascinated Carsten Kraus ever since he can remember. When Atari purchased his first commercial product, they did not know that their new programming language had been invented in a teenager's bedroom. It was bundled with a total of 700,000 Atari computers and ran 70 times faster than Atari’s own development. His curiosity for algorithms and AI resulted in numerous products which today cleanse the master data of large corporations and which almost every European uses when shopping on the Internet.Further company foundations, shareholdings, numerous innovations and patent applications for AI processes followed, with which he led leap innovations to success. Carsten enjoys sharing his knowledge through publications and lectures and likes to come up with ideas for new business strategies and technical solutions. He has written over 100 articles, as well as the first German book on customer data. His 12th and newest company - the AI startup - has the mission to revolutionize the world of video conferencing by bringing back eye contact.As he puts it, “Artificial intelligence will change the world; Europe must catch up. The time is now!”

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Trends and future of the AI industry

Panel Discussion AI Today & Tomorrow
2023-02-10 | 11:00 - 12:00 | Les ambassadeurs