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Matt Barnard is the founder and CEO of Podknife, an open-access podcast discovery platform – existing beyond the paywalls of App stores and designed to enable users to surface and connect with the content most relevant to their interests.

After having spent nearly ten years working in the government and corporate world as an attorney, his interest in building better systems, and passion for podcasting as a medium, compelled him to develop an alternative to the existing giants in the podcast discovery app space; one that would offer audiences a chance to dive both broader and more deeply into the content of podcasts, addressing the topics they care about.

By providing a uniquely innovative curation mechanism for podcasts represented on the platform – e.g.introducing Podknife-specific subject matter tags and publication details that can’t be found anywhere else in the world), and most-recently with the introduction of AI-powered neural search, Matt continues to find cutting-edge ways to connect the podcast listening community with those creating the content they seek.

Speaker on

Re-imagine Podcasting: How NLP fostered an open, holistic ecosystem for audiences, brands and creators

Industry Spotlight AI Application
2023-02-09 | 15:40 - 16:05 | Conference Room Croisette