Florent MICHEL

Florent MICHEL



Florent has started his career in robotics and design manufacturing, where he has worked his way up to CTO at RoboFold (London). Florent concluded his career in Robotics by achieving a PhD at Crandfield University in 2018 where he was introduced to AI. After graduating, Florent decided to focus on artificial intelligence and apply to INRIA (Rennes), where he worked on object detection for the French National Library. In 2021, Florent joined Imki (Strasbourg) at its inception, and is now its CTO. Imki develops tailor-made generative artificial intelligences using the most modern AI architectures for new kinds of audiovisual and multimedia creation projects. The mission of Imki is to develop new tools for the cultural and creative industries to foster innovation in creative processes.

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2023-02-10 | 10:05 - 10:35 | Les ambassadeurs