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Nalini Saxena is a strategist, executive advisor, and innovative problem-solver. Through Elicit Consulting, Nalini has addressed such challenges as reviving the economy of New York City through the COVID pandemic, reinventing succession planning for a global CPG business to embrace gender parity and diversity of thought, and conducting analysis to inform how the legal and regulatory environment can catch up to advances in medical technology.Nalini is a professor of executive decision analysis and a valued corporate trainer for smarter soft skills. As a Coralus (formerly SheEO) Activator and board member of Brazen, Nalini supports values-driven businesses advancing social and environmental progress. In 2021, Nalini received the Changemaker Award for promoting conscious social dialogue (Connecting the Dots) and aspiring to build a better system for humanitarian crisis response (PORTAL). At the Techfugees Global Festival in London in October 2022, Nalini advocated for innovative, inclusive, and refugee-centric humanitarian responses with respect to information aid.

Speaker on

Technology and the future of humanitarian Relief

Industry Spotlight AI Application
2023-02-10 | 14:50 - 15:15 | Conference Room Croisette