Commandant Barthélémy MINIER

Commandant Barthélémy MINIER

Commandant en second du Centre d'instruction des équipages hélicoptères (CIEH)


Commander Minier led the innovation development of the French Air Force’s Helicopter Crew Training Center, where they notably use combat-proven AI solutions powered by Preligens. Commander Barthélémy Minier is a helicopter Pilot (1800 flight hours) and Mission Commander Instructor. He was deployed twice in Libreville, Gabon, as a copilot in 2014 and as the chief of detachment in 2016. In 2021, he is elevated to the rank and designation of Commander. In 2021, he became the Head of Innovation at the French Air Force’s Helicopter Crew Training Center (CIEH), located on the 115 Orange-Caritat air base in Vaucluse, which trains pilots, winch operators, doctors, snipers and intelligence officers. He also manages an innovation lab – the HéliLab – where he develops new training methods for air force and space pilots, using new technologies such as AI and Virtual Reality for air force helicopter pilots. This initiative is part of the CAP160 program which prepares for the arrival of the H160 Guépard helicopter. He is also in charge of the Rotary Wing Mission Commander Course (RW MC Course), the international air force and space military exercise that aims at graduating helicopter pilots in leading complex missions, testing the innovations and implementing new working methods. Commander Barthélémy Minier holds the National Defense Medal, gold level, and the Medal of the military protection of the territory clasp "Trident”.

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Military operations and AI : a disruptive advantage

Industry Spotlight AI Application
2023-02-09 | 16:05 - 16:30 | Conference Room Croisette