Director - Future of Work


Kevin BOUCHAREB is the Director of the Future of Work and HR Strategy at Ubisoft. In this role, he develops and implements HR and organizational policies aimed at anticipating or responding to the new aspirations of candidates and employees. With a background in consulting, during which he specialized in HR transformation and change management, Kevin has always had a strong interest in HR and management innovation and has distinguished himself with his unconventional approach, dusting off some of the practices of the profession. Kevin is also a teacher in several business schools, and has a role in pedagogical coordination within the Master's degree in HR and Consulting at CELSA. He is also regularly invited to speak on the subjects of HR innovation and the future of work at conferences. Passionate about fitness, he is also a great advocate for a balance between private and professional life and advocates for more boldness in terms of work flexibility.

Speaker on

Hyperautomatization... How will we work in a AI world?

Panel Discussion AI for Society
2023-02-09 | 14:30 - 15:30 | Les ambassadeurs