Daniela C. MERLANO

Daniela C. MERLANO



I am Daniela C. Merlano, and my mission is to Create a More Empathic World. I've been learning about Positive Psychology for over 7 years. Positive Psychology, is the science of Flourishing, of Thriving. I see how the effects of awareness on our emotional progress, our accountability, our habits, and our progress are key to a better society. It has always been about not waiting for the problem, to grow better. It has always been about raising their and our awareness. I'm Colombian, I am living in London. I have been around the Web3 world, as Positive Psychologist & Coach, powering up the emotional healing and uplifting of my clients with AI CLIP. My mission is to create a more empathic world, by building a Mindful Web3, a web3 with Purpose, clear values, vision, joining like-minded people and education (Academy) of web3, as the DNA of culture and community building.

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AI for Impact: Achieving More Together

Lightning Talks AI for Society
2023-02-09 | 14:00 - 14:30 | Les ambassadeurs