Xuan Phong NGUYEN

Xuan Phong NGUYEN

Chief AI Officer


Phong is currently the Chief AI Officer of FPT Software, where he is playing a leading role in formulating the AI strategy of FPT Software. He sets up many research teams for fundamental and applied research topics like Reinforcement Learning, Efficient Neural Modeling, Representation Learning for Code, sound-based Intelligent Inspection, Computer Vision based OCR and Image Generation. He received his PhD in Engineering in The University of Tokyo (Japan) and had 7 years of experience working as an Artificial Intelligence researcher for Hitachi, based in Tokyo, Japan. His research focused on Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition, and automatic control for various disciplines. In 2019, he was a Visiting Researcher at the Mila Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Quebec under the direction of Professor Yoshua Bengio - winner of 2018 AM Turing Award. At Mila, Phong researched many projects on Disentanglement, Anomaly Detection, and Reinforcement Learning.

Speaker on

Knowledge-Driven, Data-Centric Methods for Practical AI Applications , Usecase: AI for Manufacturing

Industry Spotlight AI Application
2023-02-09 | 14:00 - 14:25 | Conference Room Croisette