Anthony AUBERT

Anthony AUBERT

Co-founder & winemaker


Anthony is an explorer. He fell into the wine world by chance after talking with a winemaker who imparted a real passion for this field. With a Master’s in Wine Management under his belt, he spent several years in New York City and Bangkok working for a wine importer. Frustrated with offering uninspiring & unoriginal wines, and driven by his passion for his native region, he decided to pitch his project to his faithful childhood friend. Aubert & Mathieu’s ambition is to shake things up with modern and committed wines. Open to the world and on the lookout for the latest trends, the two founders have fun and sweep away the traditional codes of the wine world, while respecting its history.

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Discovering the synergy between wine and AI

Use Case AI Application
02/08/2024 | 10:25 - 10:50 | Applications Stage