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Alain Chancé is founder and CEO Quantalain SASU and Alainquant LLC, business management consulting startups. He is Chief Business, Marketing Officer and Co-founder MolKet which offers cloud-based software with AI services and solutions for molecular modeling and design using quantum and high-performance computing (HPC). Alain is co-author of the book “Quantum Chemistry and Computing for the Curious: Illustrated with Python and Qiskit® code”, Packt (2022). He is a speaker at the Quantum Innovation Summit, 2024 in Dubai. He has presented his paper titled "Quantum Permutation Pad with Qiskit Runtime" at the 12th International Conference of Communications, Circuits, and Systems (ICCCAS) 2023 in Singapore. He has presented "Opportunities and challenges in Quantum Chemistry" for QIran's Quantum World Day 2023. He is an IEEE Senior member. He is a Qiskit® Advocate and is an IBM Certified Associate Developer - Quantum Computation using Qiskit®v0.2X since 2021. He has completed several quantum computing challenges since 2018. He has over 30 years of experience in major enterprise transformation projects with a focus on data management and governance gained in major management consulting firms. He has completed the course "Generative AI with Large Language Models" by Coursera. Alain has a Master’s Degree in Science and Executive Engineering, MINES Saint-Etienne, France, 1981.

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Combining the power of AI with Quantum

Keynote AI Strategy
02/09/2024 | 16:35 - 17:00 | Tech & Strategy Stage