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Santanu Ganguly works in the fields of Quantum Machine Learning, AI/ML, Cybersecurity and Quantum technologies. He has held several senior-level positions at various Silicon Valley vendors. Santanu is the author of the 2021 book “Quantum Machine Learning: An Applied Approach”, published by Apress (Springer-Nature). He is a reviewer of papers and books on AI and quantum computing, such as “Financial Modelling Using Quantum Computing”, Packt (2023). Santanu collaborates with the Intelligent Secure Cyber Systems and Applications Research (ISCAR) Lab, Cleveland State University on research in Quantum Machine Learning and co-authored the following recent paper: Kumar, Sathish A. P., Temitope Bolaji Adeniyi, Ahmad Alomari and Santanu Ganguly. “Design of Quantum Machine Learning Course for a Computer Science Program.” 2023 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE) 03 (2023): 68-77. Santanu has so far authored and co-authored six patents encompassing quantum technologies, cloud and security such as the recently published following US patent: Ganguly, Santanu and Achkir, D. Brice. 2023. Systems and methods for providing user authentication for quantum-entangled communications in a cloud environment. US Patent US11818257B1, filed Apr 27, 2022, and issued Nov 14, 2023. Santanu has an academic and professional background in industry, research and development in network architecture, silicon photonics, quantum technologies, mathematics, astrophysics, cloud, data science and security. He has been an invited speaker at several conferences including IQT and Quantum.Tech. He is an invited speaker for February 2024 session at the Quantum FinTech series at the Rethink.Labs governed jointly by Duke University, NCSU and UNC. He is a member of The Responsible AI Institute. In his current role, Santanu is an advisor for Qoro, an early stage quantum startup and aspires to work at the conjunction of AI, communication and quantum technologies.

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Combining the power of AI with Quantum

Keynote AI Strategy
02/09/2024 | 16:35 - 17:00 | Tech & Strategy Stage