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Sam Khalil, has established himself as an innovator in the biopharmaceutical industry over a 15-year tenure, skillfully integrating life sciences, healthcare, and advanced technologies to enhance patient care. He currently serves as the Vice-President of Data Insights at Novo Nordisk in Denmark, one of the world's top biopharmaceutical companies. His comprehensive experience spans fundamental research, pre-clinical, and clinical environments, where he has demonstrated a profound grasp of the drug development lifecycle. At the forefront of his current initiatives is the development of a multi-modal clinical data lakehouse at Novo Nordisk called FounData. This innovative platform integrates all current and past clinical trials data, proteomics, genomics, and imaging data.It is the result of the collaborative effort of a team with diverse expertise in clinical data standards, product development, machine learning, knowledge graphs, and generative AI. Their work is instrumental in uncovering insights that promise to hasten drug development and the discovery of new therapeutic indications. He is known for his ability to form and direct cross-functional and multidisciplinary teams that excel in generating medical insights and developing data platforms and AI applications. His strategic and medical insight has also been instrumental in bringing several life-changing drugs to the clinic, including Cosentyx, Xolair, Ilaris, Simponi, and Stelara, which have significantly improved the quality of life for patients with conditions such as psoriasis, chronic spontaneous urticaria, and various arthritic and inflammatory diseases. He has effectively led global medical affairs teams, ensuring the strategic communication of scientific data to stakeholders at Schering-plough, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis in Canada and Switzerland. He holds a PhD in Immunology and a post-doc in Inflammatory pathways from the University of Montreal. An active contributor to scientific literature, he has authored numerous peer-reviewed research papers and conference abstracts. He is also a speaker at multiple congresses, where he shares his expertise and insights, shaping the future of medical research and pharmaceutical innovation. His dedication to improving patient outcomes and his enthusiasm for pioneering technologies continue to make a significant and positive impact on the healthcare industry.

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Generative AI pharma frontier: charting a responsible course for clinical breakthroughs

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02/09/2024 | 10:50 - 11:15 | Applications Stage