The surprising ineffectiveness of modern generative AI for complex knowledge work and how to solve this industrial revolution. By Aleph Alpha

Workshop AI Application AI Technology AI Today & Tomorrow AI for Society

2023-02-10 | 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM | Workshop 2


The abundance of
information and knowledge in today's digital age has made it difficult for
individuals to find accurate and reliable information. The next generation of
AI, based on large language models, has the potential to aid knowledge workers,
but it faces challenges in processing complex data and providing trustworthy
information. Lumi, a conversational interface powered by Aleph Alpha's Luminous
models, addresses these issues by referring to a knowledgebase and providing
information to the user. By using an optimized search model, this allows for
fast searches and content embeddings, providing a real-time solution for
knowledge workers in need of accurate information.

Markus Schmitz, AI Delivery @Aleph Alpha

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