Get ready for an AI journey across different fields! Today, discover immersive experiences in sports, health and beauty, gaming and robotics. Join us to discover the extraordinary ways AI is shaping the future in these dynamic industries.​

Beauty, health & AI

Dive into the fascinating world where artificial intelligence is coming to life in healthcare. Our series of innovative animations invites you to discover the revolutionary impact of AI on our well-being, all in an immersive and captivating experience!​

Robotics & AI​

Meet our ambassadors of the future: robots with exceptional capabilities, mechanical creations that challenge the imagination. More than just metal machines, these new generation companions will amaze you with their intelligence, their agility and their surprising interactions.​

Sport & AI

AI is in the starting blocks!​

Analysis of player movements and performances, injury prevention and new training methods... Immerse yourself in the fascinating marriage of sport and AI. Get ready to be inspired and push the boundaries of what you thought was possible in the world of sports!​

Gaming & IA​

Get ready for an experience that transcends reality in the future of Gaming! Our groundbreaking animated series takes you into a world where AI merges with gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality, creating an epic symphony of interactive adventures.​


Discover how artificial intelligence is already impacting the world of culture and artistic creation today.​

Salon du livre

Dans le cadre de l'Open Day de cette 3ème édition du World AI Cannes Festival, le Département des Alpes-Maritimes et la librairie partenaire "Autour d'un livre - Cannes" sont ravis de vous proposer un mini Salon du Livre. Une dizaine d'auteurs de romans, bandes-dessinées ou ouvrages techniques seront présents tout au long de la journée pour échanger librement avec les visiteurs et dédicacer leurs ouvrages sur des créneaux personnalisés. Rendez-vous dans l'Espace Salon du Livre entre 10h00 et 17h00 !