Director of Innovation


As the Director of Innovation in the CTO Office at Arm, Remy Pottier seeks to explore futurist scenarios to identify technologies that will have a disruptive impact on industry and society and develop strategies to bring them to fruition through incubation programs or collaborative research efforts. He joined Arm at in 2006 as the head of SOI marketing and business development where he launched the Arm Corporate incubation program which led to the creation of a disruptive new business venture for Arm. He developed the strategic technology and business vision, drove investment and acquisition research, then led technology strategy for this big bet innovation. Prior to joining Arm, he worked at SOISIC (acquired by Arm) and CEA/LETI, one of the world's largest organizations for applied research in microelectronics and nanotechnology. His work at CEA/LETI lead to the launch of three startups. Remy holds an engineering degree in fluidics and mechanical engineering from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, and an MBA from IAE France.

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Metavers, NFT, prochaine révolution des jeux vidéo?

Panel Discussion Open Day
2023-02-11 | 11:30 - 12:30 | Conference Room 1