Military operations and AI : a disruptive advantage

Industry Spotlight AI Application

09/02/2023 | 16h05 - 16h30 | Conference Room Croisette


How does the Armed Forces draw operational and tactical advantage from artificial intelligence? In a two-voice speech, Commander Minier - Second Commander of the French Air Force’s Helicopter Crew Training Center - and Renaud Allioux - CTO and cofounder of Preligens, a global leading AI industry in Defense - will allow you to dive in the daily training of Air Force helicopter pilots who use combat-proven AI solutions powered by Preligens in the preparation of their missions. Why has AI become such a critical asset on the battlefield and how is the army increasingly integrating the new leverage of AI? What particular challenges does an AI company face to meet the needs of military end-users and develop highly performant solutions? How will AI evolve into a baseline capability in the Armed Forces for technology fusion?