Improving student engagement, connectedness, and learning equity through AI-enhanced teaching & learning systems

Industry Spotlight AI Application

10/02/2023 | 12h15 - 12h40 | Conference Room Croisette


FazBoard is an AI hybrid system that integrates an infinite digital canvas with a cognitive software bot to address students’ engagement and connectedness, teaching/learning disparity, diversity, and learning equity. This solution leverages the potential of human-AI interaction in educational contexts; systems and approaches in which educational stakeholders and AI tools build upon each other’s complementary strengths to achieve educational goals and improve outcomes. The digital canvas creates an interactive teaching and learning environment that allows a teacher to present and deliver materials to all learners in all modalities. It also facilitates interaction and collaboration between the teacher and individual students and among students. The AI Assistant provides 24/7 instant responses to students’ inquiries with intelligent tutoring and mentoring and automates the learning analytics. Results can be used to improve the curriculum in terms of substance, difficulty levels, delivery methods and styles.