Building connection : a predictive and sustainable economy

Industry Spotlight AI Application

09/02/2023 | 16h30 - 16h55 | Conference Room Croisette


AI offers the potential to open up new fields of endeavor - an increase in knowledge as a whole, a better grasp of requirements and uses, the ability to predict and support the decision-making.
The French building industry is fragmented, with almost 430,000 companies. In 2022, they employ 1,756,000 people, including 1,245,000 salaried employees and 403,400 craftspeople, and carries out 149 thousand million euros (excl. VAT) worth of work.
If the question of data is more complex in this context, there are already two factors which are starting to shake up the way things are done. The first relates to BIM (Building Information Modelling), which is becoming a means of supporting changes. The second is based upon the development of connected objects.
Moreover, AI will lead to breaking down borders and interpenetration between the construction work and the range of services. It will also offer a change of image and new ways of working.
For the Fédération Française du Bâtiment (FFB – French Building Federation), the sector needs to get ready for these changes. Many opportunities arise with AI, even if some questions still remain (data, ethics, etc.).