Roadmap to Sustainable AI: Why a quintuple innovation approach is needed within our current knowledge economy

Keynote AI Strategy

09/02/2023 | 14h00 - 14h25 | Conference Room Méditerranée


Over the past decade, AI technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, becoming a key fabric of our everyday lives in a knowledge economy. On one side, the exciting world of AI opportunities and possibilities keeps growing. On the other side, an increasing number of unanswered challenges and misunderstandings is appearing. The discrepancy between what developers create, what customers buy, and what governments want, has increased due to the hidden art of the technology and the current silod approach during development. Repositioning the creation of future AI solutions within the Quintuple Helix innovation model is a must to solve the current and future issues. The Quintuple Helix model strenghtens the multi-disciplinary collaboration between the 5 main AI actors: research teams, business, governments, citizens and … Planet Earth. This integrated approach focusses on the necessary transition needed to tackle not only current privacy concerns, ethical risks, and unclear liabilities but also the inefficient energy consumption within our AI solutions.