Re-imagine Podcasting: How NLP fostered an open, holistic ecosystem for audiences, brands and creators

Industry Spotlight AI Application

09/02/2023 | 15h40 - 16h05 | Conference Room Croisette


Born in 2016, Podknife’s trajectory soon shifted ‒ from curated information/review provider to open-aggregator, helping audiences bypass the closed walls of App stores. Today, the firm holds more than 20,000 podcasts from over 50 countries, or 3 million+ episodes in its database. Despite its massive amount of data, the team manually tagged content themes and categories - often making 'gut' decisions. With its explosive growth, audiences could no longer find relevant, useful material, while brands had no way to jump in on the growth. Podknife, together with its AI expert, built custom NLP & ML engines that analyzed all content quickly, powering features like semantic (conversational) search and hyper-targeted insights. Podknife’s content model now flows from automatic deep-learning ‒ driving exceptional user engagement and new ad revenue streams at the same time.