AI: Empowering humans to control, not vice versa

Keynote AI Strategy

09/02/2024 | 09h40 - 10h05 | Tech & Strategy Stage


In today's world, many decisions are often guided by human intuition, an aspect inherently challenging to explain. 
When such decisions are handed over to AI, we often can and should require the decisions to be explainable and controllable by humans.
The shift from human to AI demand to (top) management to make overall decisions.

  • Cases are used to illustrate how clarity and control over AI have been achieved in various settings, e.g. chatbots and health industry.
  • Clarity and control can be used to release potential and accelerate business, user adoptions, and needed to fulfill with the new EU AI ACT it’s also a requirement.
  • Which requirements to demand from AI solutions (suppliers) to achieve clarity and control.
  • How introducing AI with clarity and control gives (top) management a tool to optimize and accelerate business – but also requires need decisions to be made.
  • Explore the shift from intuitive decision-making to AI-driven choices and the need for transparency and control.