Necrobotics 360: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Keynote AI Technology

09/02/2024 | 14h50 - 15h15 | Tech & Strategy Stage


  1. Revolutionizing patient care: Necrobotics pioneers a healthcare revolution by      seamlessly integrating AI and robotics, pushing the boundaries of innovation in patient treatment and diagnostics.
  2. Precision in healthcare procedures: Exploring the dynamic synergy between AI and robotics, enhancing precision in diagnostics, surgeries and overall healthcare delivery for a more effective patient experience.
  3. Navigating ethical considerations: Delving into the ethical considerations surrounding AI-driven necrobotics, emphasizing responsible deployment through the establishment of robust regulatory frameworks.
  4. Collective vision for tomorrow: Necrobotics serves as a collaborative platform,      bringing together experts and stakeholders to shape a future where AI and      robotics harmonize to redefine and elevate the healthcare landscape.