Prerak GARG

Prerak GARG

Senior Director of Cloud & AI Corporate Strategy


Prerak GARG is a technology leader and strategist who has contributed to shaping the future of digital innovation for some of the world's most influential companies. With over 10 years of experience in the technology sector, He has built and delivered software, served as a thought leader and adviser to Fortune 500 companies regarding technology strategy, and successfully led large teams on complex operational and change management projects. Currently, Prerak is a Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at Microsoft, where he drives new market opportunities, spearhead product innovation, and execute mergers and acquisitions. His skills lie in identifying market trends, analyzing businesses, and recognizing the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies. Notably, some of his achievements include the $19B Nuance acquisition and the launch of Nuance DAX, an AI-powered medical documentation solution that helps doctors save 2 hours every day. Prior to Microsoft, he held the position of Engagement Manager at McKinsey, where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to define their digital transformation strategies and implemented Industry 4.0 solutions to a myriad of clients across consumer, retail, and healthcare that improved operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage. Earlier in his career, as the Head of Supply Chain Transformation at Cipla Ltd., he steered the company's digital supply chain strategy, enhancing on-time delivery for products across 160 countries. He digitized company-wide operational processes using cloud-based platforms, data analytics, and automation tools. A Wharton School alumnus, He holds an MBA in Healthcare and Business Analytics, completed a postgraduate fellowship in Liberal Studies at the Young India Fellowship, and earned a Bachelor of Technology with Honors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Prerak is passionate about technology and strategy. He has a deep interest in exploring what makes technology businesses unique and differentiated, as well as how to grow them. In his free time, he finds fulfillment in mentoring young professionals, traveling, hiking, reading, and savoring the company of good friends.

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How AI and notably infrastructure-as-code could accelerate Cloud transition for companies?

Keynote AI Technology
09/02/2024 | 09:15 - 09:40 | Tech & Strategy Stage