IBM - Break open the black box - driving responsible, transparent and explainable AI

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IBM - Break open the black box - driving responsible, transparent and explainable AI
Gartner predicts that the market for AI software will reach almost 134.8 billion by 2025.*

Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents an enormous opportunity to turn data into insights, spark action that’s based on better decision-making, and to amplify human capabilities for the greater good—and for the good of the business.

AI is no longer a business experiment; it is quickly becoming a must have to increase competitive positioning and ROI by making breakthrough innovations possible. Across industries, organizations that are not adopting AI, will be challenged to remain viable but implementing AI does not always come easy. Gartner estimates that the rate of AI project failure to be around 70-80%1.

Successful AI growth needs governance to be successful. Scaling AI without governance is ineffective, leading to loss of reputation, fines and audits and can even be dangerous. As AI continues to the draw the attention of legislators worldwide and consumers are demanding responsible, transparent and explainable, AI governance is imperative. It provides the common implementation and adherence mechanisms across the business ecosystem when it comes to:

  • Ethics, fairness and safety to protect the business and its reputation
  • Trust and transparency to support AI adoption via explainability, bias mitigation, model governance, operationalization, and collaboration norms and capabilities
  • Diversity to ensure the right technology and roles for each AI project

IBM AI governance is a new solution that uses a set of automated processes, methodologies and tools to manage an organization’s use of AI. The solution provides consistent principles guiding the design, development, deployment and monitoring of models provides the critical elements in driving responsible, transparent and explainable AI. Components of the solution include:

Lifecycle governance – monitor, catalog and govern AI models from anywhere and throughout the AI lifecycle.

Risk management - manage risk and compliance to business standards, through automated facts and workflow management.

Regulatory compliance - help to proactively ensure compliance with current and future regulations
Learn more about IBM AI Governance by attending the keynote “Break open the black box”, Thursday, February 9th, 2:50-3:15 or visit the IBM booth #A44 in the expo.