IN REPLAY - Change the life with robot dog

Start-up pitch AI Technology ROBOTICS

2023-02-10 | 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM | Start-up pitch Stage 1


Unitree founded in 2016, Unitree Robotics is a well-known company in the world of robotics, focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of consumer and industry-class high-performance quadruped robots, six-axis manipulators, and so on. Unitree is one of the earliest company in the world to publicly retail high-performance quadruped robots, and is a global leader in sales. We have a full set of professional instruments and equipment for R&D, production, and inspection to ensure the quality and stable performance of our products.
With self-developed core components, motion control algorithms, robot perception system, and other self-developed technologies, Unitree Robotics has cooperated with a number of top universities and industry-leading technology enterprises. It not only provides customers with technical support such as software development and mechanical programming, but also helps customers confifigure a lot of external equipment. Quadruped robots have been used in many application scenarios such as security inspection, ground exploration, and detection. At present, hundreds of brands are equipped with Unitree quadruped robot, and many application areas such as petrochemical, security, electric power and education use the mature product solutions and technical support of Unitree Robotics.
We do hope the robot dog can replace human being, going to danger and complicated environment. Besides entertainment, it can help people solve problems safely and efficiently.
By now, we cooperated with top university and group, launched new products every year, will the increase of the sales, we do hope each country and area have our representative.
Welcome to join us and thanks for the WAICF give us the preciously chance to let more people and company know us, hope WAICF hold in smoothly and perfectly!