Start-up pitch AI Technology EXPLAINABLE

2023-02-10 | 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM | Start-up pitch stage 2


Prolog, the language of Symbolic AI, was conceived 50 years ago.

To duly celebrate that anniversary, a worldwide Symposium was held in Paris last fall.

Throughout its evolutions, Prolog extended its power, and consequently its range of application, from the wonders of rule-based programming to the wizardry of constraint-based modelling.

Today, it remains a key tool for AI practitioners, particularly
for explicit knowledge representation and explainable decision support.

This pitch by the CSO of implexe will recall the beauties and singularities of Prolog as a general-purpose computer language. It will show the usefulness of a declarative relational app
roach à la Prolog for problem solving in the concrete.