Abigail OPPONG

Abigail OPPONG

NLP Ghana, Co-Lead AI Ethics Investigator

Abigail Oppong is a member of the Ghana Natural Language Processing group enthusiast about fairness and ethics in AI. She is passionate about working on technologies to serve humanity. She is also an enthusiast of computational neuroscience and passionate about AI ethics. She is named one of the 100 women in AI Ethics 2023 by Women in AI Ethics. Abigail Oppong is also Young Ambassador for Ariel Foundation International under the United Nations focusing on issues affecting youths and women in Africa and making the voices of African heard. Being a changemaker, she is passionate about social impacts project that seeks to empower women, children, and youth. She has made several AFI publications that seeks to speak, influence and impact lives. She is part of the Board Members of Women Media and Change working hard to make sure young women’s voices are represented well in the media. She is also a Co-founder of Photo4her, an initiative that seeks to empower teenage mothers with photography skills. Currently, she is running a project called “The Level Her Up project” that seeks to help female student entrepreneurs with the needed digital skills for them to thrive in managing their businesses whiles in studies. Passionate about engaging more women in Technology, she is part of several women in TECH organisations working hard to make sure women are represented well in the STEM Industry. She is a Recipients of the “Young Leaders Creating a better World for All award” at the Women Economic Forum, 2019 and the first youngest leader to receive such an international award from the Women Economic Forum.

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Are we condamned to have bias in AI?

Panel Discussion AI for Society
2023-02-09 | 11:40 - 12:45 | Les ambassadeurs