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Dominick ROMANO



Dominick Romano is a creative technologist and award-winning inventor returning to Cannes after headlining last year’s first annual World AI conference as the keynote speaker. The recognition Dominick has received includes winning the 2018 Red Herring North America and Global awards as well as an OMMA Award for a non-profit deploying UNICEF’s Amazon Kid Power Alexa Voice Application.In 2020, Dominick founded™ to create an operating system for managing data and training large scale AI models using an innovative approach to underlying mathematics. is a neural computing platform that allows any user - regardless of background and skill set - to simulate complex scenarios, and manage AI models in rapidly changing environments. His research includes heterogeneous hierarchical modeling which transforms emergency management, humanitarian relief, and AI for Healthcare. Based on this work, Dominick was recognized as a top 50 AI CEO of 2021 by Technology Innovators Magazine.In 2022, signed on to provide research on multimedia processing and artificial intelligence for radiological healthcare to the United Nations, World Health Organization, and International Telecommunications Union. Dominick’s mission is to provide fair and equitable access to AI for the advancement of social good, early detection of mass casualty situations including mass shootings in schools, and using synthetic data to reduce economic impact of reactive data sampling to uncover novel findings.

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Unifying domain knowledge for future AI Models

Keynote AI Technology
02/09/2024 | 11:40 - 12:05 | Tech & Strategy Stage