Jean-Philippe DESBIOLLES

Jean-Philippe DESBIOLLES

Managing Director and Vice President, Financial Services


Named the "French Doctor Watson" by Forbes magazine, Jean-Philippe Desbiolles has contributed to the world's largest cognitive projects in the banking & insurance sectors. He has worked extensively in Asia, United States of America and Europe, shaping and delivering digital transformational projects combining best-of-breed technologies. Author of the books "AI will be what you make of it : the 10 golden rules of AI"published in 2019 & “Human or AI? Who will decide the future?” published in March 2023, he aims at demystifying the new rules of the game in this new Human/Machine collaboration. Jean-Philippe Desbiolles is also teaching AI & Data transformation in several executive education programs, as HEC Executive MBA – Major “Leading Digital Transformation”.

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Generative AI at work in banking : how to deploy trusted enterprise solutions

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02/09/2024 | 14:50 - 15:15 | Applications Stage