Shameer KHADER

Shameer KHADER

Executive Director / Global Head of Computational Biology Cluster & Precision Medicine


Shameer Khader currently serves as the Global Head of Computational Biology Cluster, Precision Medicine & Computational Biology at Sanofi, a leading global biopharmaceutical company. With over 15 years of leadership experience, Shameer has excelled in building cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams and overseeing the optimal design, development, deployment, and delivery of data and AI-intensive applications within the healthcare and life sciences domain. His expertise extends to supporting clinical, pre-clinical, and post-clinical use cases. In his present role, Shameer leads the development of a comprehensive multi-modal disease research data repository, incorporating genetic, genomic, proteomic, and other multiomics profiling data, alongside imaging, clinical trials, and electronic health records. His team employs internal, external, and proprietary multi-scale big data and machine intelligence approaches like knowledge graphs, large language models and generative AI to accelerate drug discovery, development, and repurposing. Prior to joining Sanofi, Shameer played a pivotal role as a founding member of the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence team at AstraZeneca, where he held positions such as Senior Director of Machine Learning Research and Senior Director of Biopharma AI & Analytics. He also led precision medicine and data science teams at renowned health systems, including Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai, and Northwell Health, as well as at healthcare technology companies like Philips. Shameer holds a PhD in computational biology from the National Center for Biological Sciences in India and earned his MPH from Imperial College, London. He completed post-doctoral training in computational genomics and precision medicine at the Mayo Clinic. His substantial contributions to biomedicine through applied machine intelligence include over 130 peer-reviewed research papers, conference abstracts, and patents.

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Drug target discovery in the era of machine intelligence

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02/08/2024 | 16:05 - 16:30 | Applications Stage