Decarbonisation & Ethics Consultant


Kate is a digital and sustainability focussed consultant, working to help government and industry understand, reduce and mitigate the environmental impacts of digital and emerging technology. Her passion for bridging the gap between digital innovation and planetary stewardship has recently led her towards the leadership of technical reports for UK Government departments - synthesising academic, corporate and policy research on digital sector emissions into actionable recommendations for Government. An ex-military engineering officer, Kate favours the combination of first principles and systems approaches to problems. She has a recent academic background in AI Ethics and Climate Change, having spent time at Yale University as a Visiting Researcher and is partway through a Master’s Programme at Oxford University studying Practical Ethics.

Speaker on

The environmental impact of AI and challenges to reduce its footprint

Panel Discussion AI for Society
02/08/2024 | 16:10 - 17:00 | The Ambassadors Theatre