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As Head of Product at DFL Digital Sports, Björn Rosenthal leads the Bundesliga’s digital transformation, combining data analytics, customer feedback, and user experience to innovate in the digital sports domain. His expertise in digital strategy and AI application has significantly shaped the Bundesliga's approach to advanced digital strategies, enhancing both global reach and content personalization. Passionate about generative AI, Björn explores its vast scaling potential and transformative effects on diverse digital platforms and user experiences. This expertise has been crucial in positioning the Bundesliga on an international stage. Alongside his role at DFL Digital Sports, Björn heads a startup focused on AI solutions for customer support and content creation, demonstrating his dedication to applying AI in innovative and practical ways.

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Revolutionizing sports engagement through AI-driven content transformation

Use Case AI Application
02/08/2024 | 16:30 - 16:55 | Applications Stage