Elliott YOUNG

Elliott YOUNG



As Chief Technology Officer at Dell Technologies, I help CIOs and CTOs find the best way to operate their organisations’ IT. This might involve developing new business models, helping to navigate the challenges and opportunities of cloud technologies, or embedding new ways of working. Sometimes, it’s all three. My experience spans across Media, Government, Financial Services and Service Providers. I’ve been a pilot, a solutions architect and a consultant. Flying a helicopter 50 feet above the ground whilst herding Kangaroo in the Australian outback taught me how to keep calm and stay in control, and that’s something that has served me well to this day – whether it’s a £50k IT project or a £1bn transformation programme, there are times when calmness can be hard to come by.

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AI Mastery: real-world tactics for implementing and succeeding with Gen AI

Keynote AI Technology
02/08/2024 | 16:30 - 16:55 | Tech & Strategy Stage