IN REPLAY - AI & Trust at the core with Crédit Mutuel: Let’s make it real !


2023-02-10 | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM | Workshop 2


Ethic and trust in AI are definitively hype topics that many people are talking about but only a few are making it real and at scale within big organizations.
Crédit Mutuel and IBM created and operationalized a Cognitive Factory that manages dozens of use cases through various business domains.
Now, it is time to talk about the AI Trust Platform that this Partnership is building which will ensure transparency, explainability and fairness without forgetting human oversight.
During this session we will share what we are doing, learning and projecting for the future.

Speaker Bios

Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, Managing Director and Vice President, Financial Services, IBM
Named the "French Doctor Watson" by Forbes magazine, Jean-Philippe Desbiolles has contributed to the world's largest cognitive projects in the banking & insurance sectors. He has worked extensively in Asia, United State of America and Europe, shaping and delivering digital transformational projects combining best-of-breed technologies.
Author of the books "AI will be what you make of it : the 10 golden rules of AI"published in 2019 & “Human or AI? Who will decide the future?” which will be published in March 2023, he aims at demystifying the new rules of the game in this new Human/Machine collaboration.”
Jean-Philippe Desbiolles is also teaching AI & Data transformation in several executive education programs, as HEC Executive MBA – Major “Leading Digital Transformation”.

Carolina Camacho, AI & Transformation – Associate Partner IBM
Born in Colombia, Carolina Camacho moved to France at the age of 18 and has lived and worked in consulting firms for the past 17 years. Her blend of Latin American and European cultures has given her a unique perspective on the world, which she has used to drive transformation and the adoption of new technologies for more than 10 clients throughout her career.
For the last 2,5 years, she has been leading for IBM, jointly with her client, the Crédit Mutuel’s Cognitive Factory, a dedicated team of more than 140 talents focused on improving even more customer and bank advisors' experience.
She believes that technology can only be driven by human adoption based on trust, and has dedicated her career to helping organizations make the most of the latest technologies particularly in AI.
She is currently an Associate-Partner at IBM, where she continues to drive innovation and transformation for her clients, mainly for the Crédit Mutuel. Throughout her journey, she has proven to be a dynamic leader with a passion for driving change and empowering others.

Laurent Prud’hon, Cognitive Factory Leader, Credit Mutuel
Credit Mutuel, a leading French bank and insurance company with more than 30 million customers and 72,000 employees, realized very early that AI would be a key transformative technology to continue to provide the best services to its customers, in an always more competitive and complex digital world. In 2015, Crédit Mutuel president Nicolas Théry and Euro Information CIO Frantz Rublé decided to pioneer the use of AI at scale in the banking industry. To speed up the deployment of AI in all business lines, they created a “Cognitive Factory”in partnership with IBM : a dedicated team of AI specialists in charge of innovation, industrialization and deployment of cognitive solutions in the company. Laurent Prud’hon, previously in charge of entreprise architecture, was appointed to grow this Cognitive Factory. In 2022, the Cognitive and OCR Factory employs 200 people, with integrated teams of Crédit Mutuel and IBM resources : innovative use cases, industrial methods and tools were built and refined over the last 6 years to enable the successful deployment of dozens of cognitive and OCR solutions in production, with sizable gains in simplicity and efficiency for our customers and employees.