IN REPLAY - DX Garage - A framework to navigate your digital transformation journey.


2023-02-10 | 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM | Workshop 2


Digital Transformation initiatives often end up as a waste of budget because of various reasons – from planning and implementation to transition and technology adoption – all these aspects can deem the failure without the appropriate roadmap. With DX Garage – a method conceived at FPT Software – Fabien Roudier will envisage a rational roadmap to adopt Cloud Computing and Big Data, therefore speeding up the Digital Transformation journey. The DX Garage will solve the conundrum of enabling Digital Transformation, as well as operational efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Fabien Roudier: As an expert in Design Thinking, Fabien helps with Value-driven workshops and Problem-Solving in Digital Transformation for enterprises. While most of the Digital Transformation initiatives will become a waste of budget due to various issues in planning, implementation, change management, technology adoption, etc., Fabien helps envisage the roadblocks in consideration of industry knowledge and craft the roadmap for transformation and transition. With DX Garage – a method conceived at FPT Software – Fabien delivers value-driven MVP, accelerating the journey to Digital Transformation.