Unifying domain knowledge for future AI Models

Keynote AI Technology

2024-02-09 | 11:40 AM - 12:05 PM | Tech & Strategy Stage


  • In this keynote, we will explore the process of unifying domain knowledge for future AI models. Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly changing space in technology with new advancements happening regularly, this introduces new risks and new benefits for the world. 
  • In order to be prepared for the models of the future, how we store, manage, and label data matters now more than ever ;
  • Public Sector and large enterprises traditionally have large amounts of digital infrastructure where important information is stored across many different systems. 
  • In the past, human operators worked across various systems to gain situational awareness. 
  • In the future, operators will map information traditionally held in silos into knowledge graphs which represent the interconnected domain knowledge across an agency or organization. 
  • We will explore how to efficiently and safely model domain knowledge in a manner which prepares us all today for large AI models of the future.