Mara Pometti

Mara Pometti

Associate Director AI Strategy

McKinsey & Company

Mara is an Associate Director at McKinsey & Company, where she helps organizations drive AI adoption through human-centered methods. She defines herself as an AI-savvy humanist. Her practice lies at the intersection of Al activation, deployment, and governance with the overarching objective of finding the strategic intersection between AI systems and human intents. Previously, she led the AI Strategy practice at IBM, where she also developed the company’s first-ever data storytelling program. Yet, by background, she is a data journalist. She worked for agencies and newsrooms like Aljazeera. Mara lectured at many universities about how to humanize AI, including the London School of Economics. Her books and writing explore how to weave a humanistic approach into AI development.

Speaker on

Generative AI

Institut Europia Program
09/02/2024 | 14:30 - 15:30 | Alan Turing Agora