Beyond the Hype - The Value of AI around the Office Environment

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2024-02-08 | 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM | Demo Stage 1


"AI is not about replacing humans; it's about augmenting human capabilities"For more details -
Generative AI adds most value in the office environment in searching for information and helping to write and respond with language. Used well, a 30% productivity boost can be achieved.
Attend this session by Patrick Bangert - SVP, Data, Analytics & AI at Searce to discover the practical applications and tangible benefits of AI beyond the buzzwords. Patrick, a trailblazer in the field, will demystify the complexities and showcase how AI can seamlessly integrate into your office environment, revolutionising processes and enhancing productivity.
About Patrick Bangert:
Patrick Bangert, Searce's Senior Vice President for Data, Analytics, and AI, is a recognised top 10 influencer in AI and Big Data. Based in California, he brings extensive experience in AI, Data, Analytics, and technology-led business transformation. Formerly leading the AI Division at Samsung SDS, Patrick spearheaded AI tools and services integration into Samsung Cloud, specialising in computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning, notably in medical imaging.
With 15 years as CEO at Algorithmica Technologies and a diverse background including roles at Los Alamos National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Patrick holds a PhD in machine learning mathematics, a Master's in theoretical physics from University College London, and a business degree from INSEAD. A global citizen, Patrick, a German native, emphasizes the role of AI in serving humanity. Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, he is an advocate for #realoutcomes and executes with the speed of the #Bourne way, backed by three published books on AI and numerous academic research papers.