AI Governance: How to implement Generative AI for business responsibly

2024-02-09 | 02:00 PM - 02:30 PM | Demo Stage 2


Generative AI and Foundation models are a game changer. Now that the initial hype seem to have peaked, organisations are looking to find use cases of significant value to their businesses. To succeed, a responsible organisation requires an understanding of what the possible implications of Generative AI are, how risk can be mitigated and managed, and how AI regulation will impact their industries. And it’s not only about Generative AI. In practise, businesses will have use cases which will blend both machine learning models and generative AI applications. AI Governance is the cornerstone that ensures how this can be achieved. Learn how to address 3 critical questions when adopting AI:
  • How does my organisation      operationalise AI with confidence?
  • How do we better manage AI risk to      avoid repetitional damage
  • How does my organisation scale and      comply with AI regulation?
Join HP and Ann-Elise to learn about the steps IBM is taking to help customers develop a consistent, transparent and repeatable end-to-end AI Governance process, and learn from use cases applied from different industries